From idea to plan

  • Waste-management problems? We have the solutions.

    Disposal of waste demands a concept, and formulation of a workable concept demands experience. We have both, and this is the very essence of our success.

    Holistic, sustainable, economical 

    Waste takes a wide variety of forms, but all have one thing in common: they have to be dealt with. Trienekens has been providing waste-management solutions for more than nine decades - holistically, sustainably, and economically – for municipalities as well as for commercial and industrial concerns. Our concepts are always tailor made and our solutions adapted to the client’s individual needs. These solutions range from refuse collection and sorting on to treatment, incineration, landfills, and recycling – all from a single source. The fact that Trienekens continues to play a pioneering role in waste-related technology and environmental awareness is of true benefit to our clients. We view waste as an important resource that yields valuable materials – and we turn these materials into usable assets. Constantly considering our clients and their individual requirements, our endeavours have engendered international eminence for our firm. A crucial component of our efforts is intensive client consultation – particularly in regard to compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Close coordination with local decision makers is another essential element because we have only one overarching goal: a solution with which all stakeholders are satisfied.


Joachim Domrös | Chief Executive Partner

Rebecca Trienekens-Domrös | Chief Executive Partner

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