Hands-on experience in industrial settings

  • Industrial waste? We dispose of it safely and securely.

    Hazardous waste demands special handling. The very best, safest, and most economical disposal procedures are required, and this is precisely what we deliver - all from a single source.

    Specific treatment processes for specific types of waste

    Toxic or explosive industrial waste and pathogenic waste from hospitals are subject to strict legal regulations. Dealing with these hazardous wastes demands that the company contracted with the task possess extensive know-how. Trienekens has demonstrated this time and time again. We assume responsibility for the entire scope of operations, including analysis of the waste; securing authorizations from relevant authorities; providing appropriate transport, temporary storage, and necessary treatment; and finally, ensuring secure disposal. In Kuching, Trienekens handles more than 15,000 tonnes of hazardous waste annually. This is done in conformance with all governmental codes and in close cooperation with the regulatory authorities, which continuously monitor the process.

    Refuse that is to be recycled and returned to the utility cycle as secondary resources is subject to special treatment. An example is recovered waste paper.  In the northern Spanish city of Bilbao, for more than 25 years Trienekens has collected and sorted mixtures of waste paper, cardboard, cartons, and specialty papers. The end product is then delivered in a defined and, above all, constant quality to the paper industry. Plastics and metals recovered from commercial waste, as well as recyclable elements of packaging waste are also valuable resources for the company. To achieve this, the company, in collaboration with local partners, operates two plants in northern Spain. This is an exemplary effort that is highly esteemed by the Spanish customers. For Trienekens, the extraordinary reliability so valued by our clients is standard procedure.


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