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    Back in the days when waste disposal still played a subordinate role, Trienekens had already assumed a pioneering role. We started in Germany; today we serve an international clientele.

    Solutions that provide maximum benefit

    From Spain to Malaysia, in dealing with industrial and commercial refuse or household and hazardous waste, Trienekens GmbH has successfully developed and implemented waste-management concepts. In fact, our firm’s range of activities covers virtually the entire realm of waste management, and the know-how we have accumulated is correspondingly comprehensive. In addition to our operational activities, we also gather fundamental waste-related data and generate relevant statistics bases upon which our charges are calculated. Tailor-made concepts are also created at our German headquarters. In cooperation with experienced engineers and based upon yearlong experience, waste-treatment facilities are planned that later become reality. 

    Trienekens’s solutions are not merely matters of technical feasibility. Rather, they are the result of seeking and finding approaches that offer optimal benefit to the client as well as to the environment, while simultaneously guaranteeing legal security to our partners and customers in the issue of dealing with their waste. The solutions must be accompanied by socially acceptable fees and costs, and attractive prices for commercial partners, which are affordable for all involved. At every stage of the process, our company relies in particular on partnerships based upon trust and responsible cooperation - which ultimately benefit everyone. In recent years, environmental awareness has risen all over the world, constituting a challenge, an opportunity, and an entitlement. Trienekens’s employees are proud to be part of the effort to ensure that the very best answers are provided and the most appropriate solutions can be put into practice. This combination will see to it that future generations continue to enjoy a life on this planet life that is worth living.


Joachim Domrös | Chief Executive Partner  joachim.domroes_at_trienekens-gmbh.de

Rebecca Trienekens-Domrös | Chief Executive Partner  rebecca.trienekens_at_trienekens-gmbh.de

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