From plan to implementation

  • Landfill? We know how it’s done.

    Disposal of waste must be done safely and with an eye toward the future. Any other approach does not solve problems; it merely defers them for future generations. This applies in particular to constructing landfill sites, which requires experience, knowledge, and cooperation - these form the foundation of what we do.

    Success is the result of experience

    Complicated tasks require extensive expertise, and those related to building a landfill site are particularly complex. They commence with the search for appropriate locations; continue with geomorphologic testing, feasibility studies, authorisation management, and landfill planning; and conclude with construction of landfills for domestic, commercial, and special waste. Proposals are part and parcel of the planning of a landfill, e.g. regarding – when the facility is operational – the treatment of leachate, the use of landfill gas, and eventual site re-cultivation. Trienekens has decades of experience in all these areas, experience that is necessary for the project’s success. The essence of every waste-management-planning effort is Trienekens’s target-oriented engineering. This has taken very divergent natures in our numerous waste-treatment-plant construction projects. A specific example was during the planning of a biomechanical waste pre-treatment facility in northern Spain’s Basque region that has an annual capacity of 180,000 tonnes.

    Another was on the Malaysian Island of Borneo. Trienekens successfully performed the engineering work on the Kuching Industrial Waste Management Park, including incinerators, a landfill, and a leachate treatment plant. Trienekens operates this disposal park down to the present, sustainably and extremely successfully.


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